XEVC-1011-EPR Plus - 10 GN 1/1 ChefTop Mind.Maps Electric Combi Steam Oven

Combi Steam Ovens GN

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XEVC-1011-EPR Plus - 10 GN 1/1 ChefTop Mind.Maps Electric Combi Steam Oven

The combi-steam oven is the most versatile piece of equipment any professional kitchen can have. With the PLUS version, advanced features, high speed, rising to the challenge is easy.

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  • CHEFUNOX: select your cooking mode (roast, grill, steam, bake...) food to be cooked, food size, and cooking result and start cooking
  • MIND.MAPS gives you the option to draw your cooking program
  • MULTI.Point core probe
  • PROGRAM: Store up to 256 user programs, with name and picture
  • Delta-T cooking mode
  • STEAM.MAXI and DRY.Maxi - regulate the humidity within the oven for results of the very highest quality
  • Air Maxi - system for perfect uniform cooking
  • Protek Safe - cool touch door r
  • Reversing fans, 4 air speeds and 4 semi static cooking modes programmable
  • Adaptive.Clima - monitors and adapts the cooking parameters like temperature and humidity
  • Multi.Time can manage up to 10 different timers to cook different food all at the same time
  • MISE.EN.PLACE program - cook different items and have all ready at the same time
  • Rotor Clean - integrated washing system with multiple washing cycle options
  • Supplied with 2 grids & UNOX.Pure XC215 water Filter

UNOX WEBSITE: http://www.unox.com/en/

Model XEVC-1011-EPR - PLUS Electric
Capacity 10 x GN 1/1
Pitch 67 mm
Power 18.5 KW
Voltage 400 V / # Phases
Max Temperature 260 C
Weight 95 KG
Dimensions (WxDxH)

750x773x1010 mm

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