XFT133 Manual Arianna Electric Convection Oven - 4 460x330

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XFT133 Manual Arianna Electric Convection Oven - 4 460x330

Simplicity in Bakery and Pastry! The "LineMiss" success is derived in three dimensions: Quality, Competitiveness and Speed of baking and cooking

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  • New manual humidity button
  • High quality product to a very competitive price
  • Reliability - the whole line has been properly designed with components able to work contininuosly for long times
  • Perfect Baking Results - The heat transported by air is uniformly distributed inside the cavity in order to obtain a homogeneous external colouration of food in all trays
  • Easy Cleaning - Baking chamber with rounded shape and completely built in stainless steel
  • Safety - The external glass remains cool thanks to an air space between the double glasses, also special insulation material is used 
  • Hinges - tested for more than 100000 openings, always with perfect balancing and soft closing
  • Lighting - through long live halogen lamp
  • Supplied with 4 aluminium pans
  • Stackable
Model XFT 133
Power 3 KW / 15 amp 
Capacity 4 tray  460x330 mm   (1/2  bun pan)
Pitch 75 mm
Max Temperature 260 C
Dimensions (WxDxH) 600x651x509 mm
Weight 31 KG

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